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Joe loves the Real Estate business and has been a top producer for over 20 years, with sales over $70 million during a recent 7 year period. Joe’s best year was $17.7 million and he was the #1 Realtor® of over 500+ Coldwell Banker Schmidt Realtor agents. Joe Blachy has developed exclusive copyrighted systems that, when implemented professionally on your behalf, will produce professional bottom line results.

At fourteen years of age, Jobst Walter Franz Blachnitzky (Joe) arrived from Germany in Newport News, Virginia, aboard a coal freighter, immigrating to the USA while leaving his entire family behind in Hamburg.

Joe worked his way through high school on Wisconsin dairy farms in Black Earth and East Troy, and graduated in three years. He then went to see his family back in Germany for the first time in over three years.

His family wanted him to stay in Germany, but he told them, “Ich bin jetzt ein Americaner,” (I am now an American) and returned to the United States. His father, who was a film and theatre director and actor (and used the name Blachy, a contraction of Blachnitzky) as a stage name, so Joe adopted Joe Blachy as his American name.

A good high school friend suggested that he should consider going to college, so he enrolled at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Becoming frustrated with working 30 to 40 hours a week to pay his expenses, plus taking the typical initial “boring” required subjects, Joe moved to Chicago and took a job with Sears, Roebuck and Co. at their International Headquarters.

Joe considers his job at Sears a “fabulous experience, in a wonderful growing environment,” and afforded him broad exposure to the internal workings of the company at all levels because he functioned as the Assistant Audio Visual Director, responsible for running equipment at hundreds of functions, and at all levels of management, throughout the company.

The military draft was getting very close and Joe now had a goal to be a National Marketing Manager for Sears. So, after some classes at Northwestern University in downtown Chicago he returned to Whitewater and earned his BBA while working at Sears. After a few short years as a management trainee in several Sears stores he returned to the International Headquarters and, at age 28, became the National Marketing Manager of Sears Home Electronics, responsible for over $500 million in sales. He also served six years in the Army National Guard as an Infantry Platoon Staff Sergeant.

Joe loved Sears, and his career, but when his family grew to four children (aged three and under, including twins) he decided to take another gigantic “life-step” and left Sears. Joe bought a small business and moved his family to “beautiful and pure” Petoskey, Michigan.

Puff’s of Petoskey started out as a small appliance/TV store, but from these roots Joe created a unique high-quality design center for “first class” kitchens, bathrooms, interiors, and everything needed for interiors of quality homes. The Puff’s team of design professionals led the only store of its kind in the entire USA, serving discriminating clients with design services.

Joe sold his business and began his career in Real Estate, which had been an avocation of his for many years, as he always fostered a powerful passion for Real Estate, obtaining his first license in Chicago during his Sears days. For his outstanding production his first year in the business, he was named the Rookie of the Year for the entire Coldwell Banker Schmidt franchise.

A few years later he was named the #1 Top Producer for the entire franchise, including agents from Petoskey all the way to Grand Rapids.

Six years ago, after a serious “medical confrontation” with a normal life, Joe pro-actively changed his entire lifestyle, including eating only healthy whole foods and exercising “intensely” every day. He made this commitment to be younger every year! “My health, strength and energy levels are outstanding!” says Joe, and he happily shares his lifestyle guidelines with others.

Joe recently state, “I love the Real Estate business because of the interaction with many wonderful clients, and the wide variety of intricate activities that are involved in making each transaction come to fruition. I am always working on many different deals, but I focus on making each Buyer and each Seller feel like they are my only customer!”


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Joe and his Grandson in Europe

Joe Blachy
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