The Agents

     Thank you for visiting us at Petoskey Real Estate Group our Real Estate Agents are here to serve you at the highest professional level in all of Northern Michigan. 

Petoskey Real Estate Group

    Change is afoot in the real estate industry, and it’s essential to stay ahead of the curve. Zillow is a prime example of a new force that’s disrupting traditional models, and technology is revolutionizing how we handle documents and scheduling. In Petoskey, the market is unique due to the influence of resort and retirement communities, making it crucial to have a specialized approach. Our boutique group is dedicated to serving residential and commercial-industrial clients with a deep understanding of the local market. We prioritize our clients and are committed to delivering real results. At Petoskey Real Estate Group, we’re selling more than just homes – we’re selling million-dollar sunsets in Northwest Michigan.

Prior to the creation of the agency, Joe Blachy and Doug Pelon had been working together helping clients and getting them into their dream homes. They decided to create a new agency dedicated to provide a more impactful experience for clients with a boutique style approach. Since then they have added two more agents Snaedis Oostmeyer and Doug Boor who each bring something new to the agency. In addition to them Stacy Wicker oversees all office functions for the agency. Our Team is dedicated to working hard and providing top class service for our clients.