Waterfront Real Estate property is any land on the edge of a body of water while beachfront is located on or adjacent to a beach. So, beachfront property is always waterfront, but waterfront property may have a beach or it may have a coast with rocks, a cliff or even a dock. The distinction is typically made in the “View” section of an MLS listing. Waterfront means the area of water which is immediately capable of use from the land, together with the area of land adjacent to the water, which is necessary to allow use of the above area of water.

Many families “dream” of owning a home with waterfront in beautiful Northern Michigan. Why you might ask, well to them, it is ultimate Family Recreation Environment and we absolutely agree. There are several major different types of waterfront.

Big Lakes like Lake Michigan and Lake Huron you will enjoy beautiful views but in terms of boating from your house it is not desirable.

Inland Lakes include Walloon, Crooked, Mullet, Burt and Charlevoix. These smaller lakes offer wonderful use of power boats, sail boats, kayaks, canoes and swimming for the entire family. There is a wide variety of types of properties and homes from wonderful little seasonal Cottages to magnificent world class Mansions!

Riverfront properties offer unique and wide variety of homes in Northwest Michigan and are typically lower priced than lake front homes.

Inland Waterway starting in Crooked Lake to the Crooked River then to Burt Lake into the Indian River followed by Mullet Lake up through the beautiful Cheboygan River and ending in Lake Huron to the rest of the world! There are hundreds of beautiful homes from small Cottages to Multi-Million Dollar Mansions for the enjoyment of your family and guests.

Aside from wonderful “Family Days” in your waterfront home there is also much potential for renting the home. Waterfront rentals are so desirable that many people arrange for rentals this year before they leave for the next year.

Incorporating your rental income into the budget for your house may also allow you to buy a bit nicer home. We know that some homes can rent for up to $25,000 per week. A typical home may rent for $5000 a week during the 10 week primary rental season and less for the adjoining weeks before and after.

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